Our unique approach combines state-of-the-art techniques to develop the diagnostics of tomorrow.

Silicon technology

State-of-the-art lab-on-a-chip device.

DNA and RNA detection

Rapid, sensitive and specific isothermal amplification chemistries.

Multiplexed panel of pathogens

One test targets multiple pathoens of interest.

Connected diagnostics

Syncing to the cloud for real-time tracking of outbreaks and surveillance.

The Lacewing device is based on a disposable cartridge to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19 and send results to your smartphone in under 20 minutes.

Disposable cartridge with mounted microchip integrating over 4,000 sensors to perform chemical imaging. The reaction chamber contains the reaction mix for DNA and RNA amplication.

Handheld diagnostic device with emdedded microcontroller, rechargeable battery and temperature regulation to enable real-time DNA and RNA detection and amplication on-chip in under 20 minutes. Processed sensor data is sent via Bluetooth.

Android app for acqusition, storage and processing of patient data. Positive diagnosis are geo-tagged and synchronised on a cloud server for real-time surveillance.

Lacewing has been trialled for several infectious diseases with clinical samples around the globe.

London – Our Labs

Ghana – Malaria Infections

Taiwan – Dengue Infections

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