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Introducing Dragonfly from ProtonDx

Dragonfly is a portable testing platform that combines speed, accuracy and convenience to differentiate and diagnose pathogens. It can be used to test for a single pathogen or a number of different pathogens at the same time.

High quality DNA/RNA samples are extracted from saliva and prepared for testing with a minimum of handling providing PCR equivalent results within 30 minutes at point-of-need.

Dragonfly Diagnostic Platform

Dragonfly is a molecular testing technology platform

Dragonfly is a molecular testing technology platform.

The Dragonfly diagnostic platform has been developed by ProtonDx to simultaneously detect and differentiate multiple pathogens rapidly and with high sensitivity and specificity.

The robust platform leverages our novel nucleic acid extraction method to purify and isolate high quality DNA/RNA samples in under five minutes. No additional benchtop equipment or prior laboratory expertise is required everything needed is provided in a single‑use disposable kit for maximum flexibility and portability.

The purified sample is combined with our proprietary Dragonfly isothermal LAMP chemistry, which centres around a unique non‑fluorescent colourimetric approach. All amplification reagents are supplied lyophilized and thus stable at room temperature, eliminating reliance on a cold chain.

Results are read efficiently by a smart device and the Dragonfly companion app to ensure fully traceable outcome analysis and reporting.

The whole process, from sample‑to‑result, can be readily completed in under 30 minutes with minimal effort. The Dragonfly diagnostic platform can used to test for an extensive variety of pathogens, either in single or multiplex panel format in combination with the appropriate test panel.

Dragonfly Respiratory Test Panel

If it’s not COVID‑19 what is it?

The Dragonfly respiratory test panel enables rapid and accurate identification and differentiation between SARS‑CoV‑2, Influenza A, Influenza B, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and Human rhinovirus, as well as potential cases of co‑infections or any combination.

Respiratory tract infections, especially those included in the Respiratory Test Panel (Part number 100‑051), often exhibit similar symptoms and thus require accurate diagnostic differentiation to ensure that patients receive appropriate treatment.

Dragonfly’s high sensitivity and low limit of detection enable patients to receive prompt diagnosis and treatment, even in the early stages of the disease when viral load is low.

The test provides PCR equivalent results within 30 minutes wherever the test takes place. This speed and ease of diagnosis contrasts with the standard approach for a PCR test which is normally processed in a remote laboratory over a 24‑hour period.

The Dragonfly Respiratory test panel also confirms that the nasopharyngeal, nasal, throat, or buccal sample has been taken and assayed correctly. This removes the possibility of false negative results through bad sampling techniques, which is an increased concern with lateral flow‑based methods.

Results from the Dragonfly system can be made available through the dedicated Dragonfly app to the Cloud and to a smart device.

The Dragonfly system is a CE‑marked and CTDA approved in vitro diagnostic medical device and complies with the current European In‑vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive (IVDD 98/79/EC).

The Dragonfly system is commercially available as an in vitro diagnostic tool in the UK and European Union.

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Dragonfly SARS‑CoV‑2 Test Panel

Identifying with PCR accuracy in 30 minutes where you need it.

ProtonDx has developed a test panel Dragonfly SARS‑CoV‑2 for the accurate detection of SARS‑CoV‑2, the virus that causes COVID‑19. Our assays are robustly designed to target three distinct SARS‑CoV‑2 gene regions: N1, N2, and E, allowing Dragonfly to capture all current and emerging variants.

The test provides actionable detection in as little as 20 minutes from taking the sample to displaying the result. Using the Dragonfly platform, the molecular patterns are identified early in the disease cycle, often before the first symptoms appear and before they may be picked up by antigen and antibody tests.

The Dragonfly SARS‑CoV‑2 test panel includes an extensive range of extraction and reaction controls to accurately ensure report results are valid, minimizing false positives and false negatives. With these controls, one can even determine whether or not the sample was taken correctly from the patient.

The results are read using a smart device with the Dragonfly App. They can be uploaded to the Cloud where they can be used to help plot the spread of the disease in real time or used by track and trace services. Results can be downloaded by the patient or health operatives. Negative results can also be used to provide information for health passports.

The Dragonfly system is a CE‑marked in vitro diagnostic medical device and complies with the current European In‑vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive (IVDD 98/79/EC).

The Dragonfly system is commercially available as an in vitro diagnostic tool in the European Union.

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