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Jaana Tarma

Jaana Tarma brings to ProtonDx service design expertise, alongside her business acumen. At ProtonDx she is particularly interested in developing seamless processes, so that new medical innovations can be taken into use safely with minimal training. Her past roles include projects in health, wellness, sport and domiciliary and social care industries, both in the private and public sector. Her portfolio covers innovation projects, service development, lobbying, commercial expansion, stakeholder relationship building for organisations including the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs; the Ministry of Industry and Commerce; the Royal College of Art, sports heart rate monitor company Polar Electro; and domiciliary care provider Coviva. She teaches at universities in the UK, Finland and Chile, and has advised the government in European stakeholder engagement. She has a long experience in commercial strategy, including hands‑on roles in business development and international sales and marketing. Jaana is a CEO of her own business strategy and service design consultancy. She has a Masters degree in Economics and Business Management from Aalto University in Finland, and a Masters in Service Design from the Royal College of Art