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Ivana Pennisi

Ivana Pennisi plays a key role in sample preparation, molecular biology methods development, and product development for ProtonDx. Ivana is a graduate of Catania and Padova University with a Master of Science by Research in Medical Biology, and she received an Erasmus+ grant at the Francis Crick Institute, London. She was offered both an International Max Planck Research School Scholarship in Germany, and a PhD program at Imperial College London. She is completing her PhD working in a multidisciplinary field at the Department of Infectious Disease and Centre for Bio-inspired Technology, Imperial College, London. Her PhD and research interest include the development of Point-of-Care technologies and molecular methods especially for low-resource settings based on the detection of host-response-based gene signatures to discriminate bacterial from viral infections. Ivana has been awarded the Imperial EEE Multidisciplinary Collaboration Award for her outstanding contributions and service during the COVID19 pandemic.