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Haider Mawji

Haider Mawji is a tech‑focused entrepreneurial Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with 20 years experience ranging from start ups to PLCs, from travel and tourism to telecoms to medical technology. Following an early career as a chartered accountant, Haider ran his own telecommunications company from 2002 to 2014, providing international B2B and B2C telecoms services, growing revenue from £0 to £40m. More recently as a portfolio CFO with The FD & CFO Centre, Haider has been responsible for increasing client profitability, sourcing external finance, raising credit lines and generating significant savings in operations for his clients. Over the last two years Haider has successfully guided two of his clients through due diligence processes leading to successful deals of £30m and £60m with Private Equity Houses. In addition Haider has raised over £30m for five different clients via Government run schemes such as CBILS, venture debt and corporate debt raises and commercial debt via banks, carrying his clients through this difficult economic climate.