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Prof Pantelis Georgiou

Professor Pantelis Georgiou is a co‑founder and CEO of ProtonDx, he currently holds the position of Professor of Biomedical Electronics at Imperial College London. Prof. Pantelis Georgiou graduated with a 1st Class Honours MEng Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and PhD degree Imperial College London. He heads the Bio‑inspired Metabolic and Infection Technology Laboratory in the Centre for Bio‑Inspired Technology; a multi‑disciplinary group that invents, develops and demonstrates advanced micro‑devices to meet global challenges in biomedical science and healthcare. His research includes applications Lab‑on‑Chip technology for genomics and diagnostics targeted towards infectious disease and cancer. He has received the IET Mike Sergeant Medal, the IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award, and has been appointed as an IEEE Distinguished lecturer in circuits and systems. He has authored over 350 peer‑reviewed publications related to healthcare technology, and has successfully secured over £10 million in healthcare related research funding.