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Asst Prof Jesus Rodriguez Manzano

Assistant Professor Jesus Rodriguez‑Manzano is a co‑founder and CSO officer of PDx. He received a BSc in Biological Sciences, an MSc in Advanced Microbiology and a PhD in Biotechnology and Environmental Microbiology from the University of Barcelona. After post‑doctoral positions in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, he moved to the Department of Infectious Disease as a non‑clinical Lecturer in Antimicrobial Resistance and Infectious Diseases in the Faculty of Medicine. Dr Rodriguez Manzano has a strong interdisciplinary background in microbiology, molecular biology and bioengineering, and his research interest includes the development of point‑of‑care technologies and novel molecular methods for diagnosis of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance, with particular interest in low‑ and middle‑income countries. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications and 10 international patent applications with over 2,000 citations.