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Certainty in Testing Times

ProtonDx is a health technology spin-out from Imperial College London UK.

Our history

ProtonDx was established in 2020 to commercialise multi‑disciplinary research,developed at Imperial College London to deliver rapid, accurate, portable, and low‑cost diagnostics available worldwide.

Founded from the lab of Professor Pantelis Georgiou, its core technology builds on several years of innovative research in diagnostics, fuelled by unique collaboration between engineering, medicine and molecular biology to deliver cutting edge molecular tests which can be used at the point‑of‑need.

The research team has developed technology to identify diseases which impact both low‑ and middle‑income countries as well as developed nations.

The ambition to bring accurate diagnostic tests to low resource environments is being realised with on‑going projects building on initial clinical validation studies for dengue in Taiwan in 2018, and for malaria in Ghana in 2019.

Our technology

Cutting‑edge electronics, molecular biology, and machine learning in a portable connected device, powered by highly‑sensitive LAMP technology, has the potential to create and realise new methods to identify multiple pathogens.

In addition to supporting rapid identification of multiple pathogens, this approach is ideally suited to helping in the global fight to address antimicrobial resistance.

The innovative lab‑on‑a‑chip technology has received many awards including the 2020 IEEE CASS COVID‑19 Entrepreneur’s award, the IEEE Sensors Technical Achievement award, IET Mike Sergeant Achievement Medal, Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize, Wellcome Trust Innovator Award, two Imperial Techcelerate Awards, MedTech SuperConnector Award, and various other IEEE awards.

Our vision

Robust ultra‑rapid, extremely precise, molecular testing for everyone at the point‑of‑need.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to ensure tests can be conducted quickly, accurately and cost‑effectively, wherever and whenever they are needed by societies throughout the world so that all can benefit from advances in technology.

Our team

A truly multi‑disciplinary team of engineers, micro‑biologists and medical specialists co‑located at Imperial College London.

Board of Directors

Bob Enck

Chairman & President

With more than 30 years of healthcare and financial experience, he served as CEO of Equinox Funds and Chairman of Equinox Funds Trust, leading the firm’s growth from a commodity pool operator to an alternative investment asset manager with more than $2B in AUM. He has served in management roles with large, established companies, such as Bristol‑Myers Squibb, and fast‑growing, venture‑funded organizations, such as Beansprout Networks. He was Senior Managing Director with The Hermes Group, a merchant banking and corporate advisory firm as well as general manager and vice president of Quintiles (acquirer of Beansprout), a $2 billion pharmaceutical services firm. Mr Enck holds a BS degree in Natural Sciences from St. John's University, Collegeville, MN and an MBA in Management from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. Mr Enck serves on the Board of Trustees of the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation, and as Chairman of US Gold Opportunity Fund.

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Prof Pantelis Georgiou

Founder & CEO

Professor Pantelis Georgiou is a co‑founder and CEO of ProtonDx, he currently holds the position of Professor of Biomedical Electronics at Imperial College London. Prof. Pantelis Georgiou graduated with a 1st Class Honours MEng Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and PhD degree Imperial College London. He heads the Bio‑inspired Metabolic and Infection Technology Laboratory in the Centre for Bio‑Inspired Technology; a multi‑disciplinary group that invents, develops and demonstrates advanced micro‑devices to meet global challenges in biomedical science and healthcare. His research includes applications Lab‑on‑Chip technology for genomics and diagnostics targeted towards infectious disease and cancer. He has received the IET Mike Sergeant Medal, the IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award, and has been appointed as an IEEE Distinguished lecturer in circuits and systems. He has authored over 350 peer‑reviewed publications related to healthcare technology, and has successfully secured over £10 million in healthcare related research funding.

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Asst Prof Jesus Rodriguez Manzano

Founder & CSO

Assistant Professor Jesus Rodriguez‑Manzano is a co‑founder and CSO officer of PDx. He received a BSc in Biological Sciences, an MSc in Advanced Microbiology and a PhD in Biotechnology and Environmental Microbiology from the University of Barcelona. After post‑doctoral positions in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, he moved to the Department of Infectious Disease as a non‑clinical Lecturer in Antimicrobial Resistance and Infectious Diseases in the Faculty of Medicine. Dr Rodriguez Manzano has a strong interdisciplinary background in microbiology, molecular biology and bioengineering, and his research interest includes the development of point‑of‑care technologies and novel molecular methods for diagnosis of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance, with particular interest in low‑ and middle‑income countries. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications and 10 international patent applications with over 2,000 citations.

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Dr. Nicolas Moser

Founder & CTO

Dr. Nicolas Moser is a co‑founder and CTO of PDx. He earned an MSc at Imperial College London with distinction and received the Hertha Ayrton Centenary Prize (best MSc project) and the MSc Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design Outstanding Achievement Prize (highest ranking MSc student). He was awarded an EPSRC PhD Scholarship with the High Performance Embedded and Distributed Systems (HiPEDS) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) and pursued a PhD at the Centre for Bio‑Inspired Technology, Imperial College London, where he developed new methods for microchip‑based ion imaging. At the end of his PhD, he was awarded the EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship to pursue point‑of‑care devices towards rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. He has pursued several entrepreneurial programmes including the Imperial College Techcelerate programme and the MedTech SuperConnector. He received the best poster at the All‑You‑Can‑Innovate conference and the CASS COVID‑19 Entrepreneur Award. He is the author of 39 publications and 2 patents.

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Dr. Darryl Antonacci


An internationally acknowledged spine and scoliosis surgeon, successful investor and entrepreneur, Dr. Antonacci is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, a diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners, Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Fellow of the Scoliosis Research Society, Fellow of the Cervical Spine Research Society and active member of the North American Spine Society.

Dr. Antonacci has extensive surgical experience in adults and children with spinal scoliosis. He is the developer and pioneer of anterior scoliosis correction (ASC) surgery for scoliosis, the most advanced surgical treatment for correcting scoliosis. ASC replaces metal rod fusion surgery and gives the patient the ability to continue with full sports, active life and flexibility in under two months.

Dr Antonacci graduated with a BS from Georgetown University before studying for MD in its School of Medicine. He has a residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine and a Fellowship at the Spinal Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital and is Lead Surgeon and Founder at the Institute Spine & Scoliosis.

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Matthew Cavuto

Head of Engineering & Product Development

Matthew Cavuto is a mechanical engineer with a specialty in medical device design. He graduated from MIT in 2017, where he was awarded ‘Best New Medical Device’ and ‘Most Promising Patented Technology.’ He was offered both a US National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, and the prestigious Marshall Scholarship. Choosing the Marshall Scholarship, he earned an MSc and is completing his PhD in bioengineering at Imperial College London, where he won both the Ash Prize (best academic performance) and the Stella Bagrit Memorial Award for the best thesis. Matthew Cavuto contributed significantly to the development of the underlying IP and played a critical role in translating the existing research platforms into market‑ready medical devices.

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Dan Gratiot

Industrial Design

Daniel Gratiot is a creative design and branding professional with over 30 years experience leading global design teams, driving innovation, and creating IPR for leading brands and start‑ups. Dan brings a holistic approach informed by consumer insights. Dan’s experience led work delivers relevant strategic innovation, with a strong customer focus. His diverse experience includes medical diagnostic instrumentation, consumer products, and telecoms. Creative innovation and leadership roles include Advanced Design UX at Microsoft, Nseries and Premium Design at Nokia, head of retail design at Swatch, as well as leading his own design consultancy. Dan Gratiot also worked for Ciba Corning Diagnostics, developing critical care blood gas analysers and single‑use point‑of‑care test systems

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Ivana Pennisi

Molecular Biology

Ivana Pennisi plays a key role in sample preparation, molecular biology methods development, and product development for ProtonDx. Ivana is a graduate of Catania and Padova University with a Master of Science by Research in Medical Biology, and she received an Erasmus+ grant at the Francis Crick Institute, London. She was offered both an International Max Planck Research School Scholarship in Germany, and a PhD program at Imperial College London. She is completing her PhD working in a multidisciplinary field at the Department of Infectious Disease and Centre for Bio‑inspired Technology, Imperial College, London. Her PhD and research interest include the development of Point‑of‑Care technologies and molecular methods especially for low‑resource settings based on the detection of host‑response‑based gene signatures to discriminate bacterial from viral infections. Ivana has been awarded the Imperial EEE Multidisciplinary Collaboration Award for her outstanding contributions and service during the COVID19 pandemic.

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Elliot Quigley

Project Manager

Elliot Quigley has just graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. He was awarded a departmental Scholarship and named on the Dean’s list as being in the top student decile. His major projects include the production of a multi‑element, multi‑frequency ultrasound transducer array for non‑invasive brain drug delivery. His studies include modules on Medical Device Entrepreneurship, Brain Machine Interfaces, Managerial Economics, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Image processing, Digital Biosignal Processing and Computational Neuroscience.

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Lei Kuang

Electronic Design

Lei Kuang is involved in developing a handheld point‑of‑care diagnostic system for the rapid detection of infectious diseases. As a member of a highly multidisciplinary team, his work focuses on delivering a comprehensive biomedical device that involves not only the embedded hardware, firmware, and software development, but also the implementation of algorithms specific to sensor calibration and readout, closed‑loop control system for temperature regulation, and DNA detection. Lei Kuang is conducting research on the next generation of Lab‑on‑Chip platforms for high‑throughput CMOS ISFET arrays studying for a PhD at Imperial College London. His research aims to introduce a novel framework that leverages artificial intelligence to improve sensor performance. Prior to his research journey, Lei Kuang received MSc degrees in Embedded Systems from the University of Southampton, and in Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design from Imperial College London, both with distinction. He was the winner of the Hertha Ayrton Prize for the best MSc project for the 2018/2019 cohort.

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Kenny Malpartida Cardenas

Molecular Biology

Kenny Malpartida‑Cardenas plays a critical role in the design and development of molecular methods for the diagnostic panels in Dragonfly and Lacewing. She graduated in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, Spain), and holds a 1st Class Honours MRes in Nanomaterials from Imperial College London. She has recently completed her PhD at Imperial College London in 2021 whose work combined different disciplines to investigate the development of novel methods for point‑of‑care diagnostics. She is currently an EPSRC Doctoral Prize fellow at Imperial College London.

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Katerina Manitkas

Molecular Biology

Katerina‑Theresa Mantikas is involved in the molecular biology aspect of the work at ProtonDx. She graduated from Imperial College London in Biotechnology with Spanish, and is currently pursuing a PhD in rapid diagnostics for cancer and infectious diseases.

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Ollie Stringer

Molecular Biology

Ollie Stringer is a member of the research and development team involved in several aspects of assay development, product development and design. He graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Molecular Biology from Royal Holloway University of London in 2015, earning competitive studentships from the Society of Applied Microbiology and the British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group at Queen Mary University of London and Great Ormond Street Hospital, respectively. After graduating Ollie joined the R&D team of an emerging diagnostics company, being involved in several collaborative projects as well as bringing an innovative diagnostic tool to market, which was named 2017 life sciences product of the year by Select Science. Joining Imperial College in 2018, he graduated with a distinction in his MRes in bacterial pathogenesis and infection before commencing his PhD. Ollie is passionate about delivering high‑performance products that provide a fast, accurate and cost‑effective diagnosis where and when it is needed most.

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Haider Mawji


Haider Mawji is a tech‑focused entrepreneurial Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with 20 years experience ranging from start ups to PLCs, from travel and tourism to telecoms to medical technology. Following an early career as a chartered accountant, Haider ran his own telecommunications company from 2002 to 2014, providing international B2B and B2C telecoms services, growing revenue from £0 to £40m. More recently as a portfolio CFO with The FD & CFO Centre, Haider has been responsible for increasing client profitability, sourcing external finance, raising credit lines and generating significant savings in operations for his clients. Over the last two years Haider has successfully guided two of his clients through due diligence processes leading to successful deals of £30m and £60m with Private Equity Houses. In addition Haider has raised over £30m for five different clients via Government run schemes such as CBILS, venture debt and corporate debt raises and commercial debt via banks, carrying his clients through this difficult economic climate.

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Roderick Rhys Jones


Roderick Rhys Jones is an engineer, entrepreneur, marketing professional, writer and charity director. He has been closely involved for many years in the transfer of technology from research. After graduating from Imperial College in engineering he joined the British Antarctic Survey to make the first maps of remote mountains from the Antarctic Base of Halley Bay. He traveled through South and North America working as a journalist and teacher before crossing the Pacific in a small yacht. On returning to London he worked as a business journalist and magazine editor before founding a marketing consultancy to serve the engineering and construction community internationally. In 2002 he set up a new department for fundraising and alumni relations at Imperial College. He reinvigorated Friends of Imperial College founding a charity to provide science lectures for the public and is now Chair Emeritus. He served on the Court of Imperial College for a number of years and was awarded the Imperial College Gold Medal for services to the College. He is Chair of the British Antarctic Monument Trust, a charity he set up to commemorate those men and women who lost their lives in British Antarctic Territory in the pursuit of science. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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Jaana Tarma

Service design

Jaana Tarma brings to ProtonDx service design expertise, alongside her business acumen. At ProtonDx she is particularly interested in developing seamless processes, so that new medical innovations can be taken into use safely with minimal training. Her past roles include projects in health, wellness, sport and domiciliary and social care industries, both in the private and public sector. Her portfolio covers innovation projects, service development, lobbying, commercial expansion, stakeholder relationship building for organisations including the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs; the Ministry of Industry and Commerce; the Royal College of Art, sports heart rate monitor company Polar Electro; and domiciliary care provider Coviva. She teaches at universities in the UK, Finland and Chile, and has advised the government in European stakeholder engagement. She has a long experience in commercial strategy, including hands‑on roles in business development and international sales and marketing. Jaana is a CEO of her own business strategy and service design consultancy. She has a Masters degree in Economics and Business Management from Aalto University in Finland, and a Masters in Service Design from the Royal College of Art

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Andrew Webb


Andrew Webb’s role at ProtonDx leverages over 30 years of commercial experience in the diagnostics and life Sciences industry. He is currently CEO at Extruded Pharmaceuticals prior to which he was Chief Commercial Officer at Novel Technologies Holdings. Before then he was Chief Executive Officer and founder of EKF Molecular Diagnostics and a NED at Arcis Biotechnology. Previously Senior Director at Qiagen following the acquisition of DxS where he was Commercial Director. Andrew Webb has also worked at Amersham/GE Healthcare following 5 years in pre‑clinical research at GlaxoSmithKline.

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Join our team

We have a vacancy for a Senior Scientist to lead development of new molecular assays.

Are you a senior scientist interesting in leading the development of cutting‑edge clinical diagnostic assays and products for infectious diseases to help address antimicrobial resistance?

Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, in collaboration with mechanical, electrical and IT specialists, this exciting role offers the successful candidate the opportunity to work closely with Asst Professor Jesus Rodrigues‑Manzano.

Based at our ProtonDx facilities at South Kensington and White City campuses, the salary is in the range of £40,000 to £54,000 depending on experience. Further information here.

Join our team

Are you a talented scientist interested in clinical diagnostic assays and products for infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance?

We are looking for a Junior Molecular Biology/Molecular Assay Development Scientist to help drive development of new clinical diagnostic assays and commercial testing products for infectious diseases.

Using our proprietary technology platforms, you will work in a multidisciplinary team performing screening and optimisation projects, helping develop molecular assays. Salary is in the range £27,000 to £37,000

If you are a talented graduate or a Molecular Biologist / Biochemist who is looking for an exciting challenge within a fast‑paced environment, please submit your CV to Further information here.


ProtonDx is a young and ambitious health technology business looking for talented, energetic and ambitious professionals to join our rapidly expanding team.

ProtonDx is a young and ambitious health technology business with global ambitions to help the world test for many pathogens, including SARS‑CoV‑2 and influenza.

We are now looking for talented, energetic and ambitious professionals to join our rapidly expanding team.

ProtonDx offers the opportunity to work with world‑class innovation and creativity in a fast‑growing and motivational multidsciplinary environment.

We are growing and therefore new opportunities are posted here frequently – please please bookmark this page and check back to find a role that suits you.

Alternatively, if you would like to be considered for our future opportunities, please send a covering letter and CV to

Being part of the team at ProtonDx is a rare opportunity to make a real positive impact in the world – if that appeals to you, we are keen to hear from you.

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CEO Professor Pantelis Georgiou explains the technology in a talk to Friends of Imperial College on Youtube

Some of the academic papers relating to the development of the technology: